No Way Home EP

by Tanner Brethorst

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This album was a long time coming but I feel it's finally ready. Tracks one and two "The Rake and the Leaves" "An Ode to Spring" are instrumentals that I wrote quite some time ago. Track three "Stars of Glass" was wrote and recorded in Oregon in the summer of 2013. Track 4 "Small Town Shuffle" is a banjo composition I had wrote and added onto. Track 5 "No Anvil Blues" Was a song recorded in early 2014. The song is played in an open key tuning. Track 6 "No Way Home" Was wrote over the winter of 2013. Track 7 "Stepstone" is a traditional song. Lyrics modeled after Boscom Lamar Lunsford. This song is also played in an open key tuning.

Tanner Brethorst - Guitar, banjo and vocals


released March 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Tanner Brethorst Winona, Minnesota

Tanner Brethorst is a musician from Winona, Minnesota. He's 25 years old and has been surrounded by music his entire life. Right now he spends most of his time playing guitar and banjo. He plays a variety of music, but normally sticks in the indie/folk/americana or bluegrass realm. ... more

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Track Name: Stars Of Glass
I Stare and shake my head
Cause what you said
Was so absurd
Missing every other word
None was heard x4

I wish we would have known
Which way to go
But the rain
It washes away the pain
Tingly brain x4

But sometimes when the snow
Would not blow
Over the grass
Leading to that northern pass
Stars of glass x4

You sit so quietly and listen
But what you're missing
Is outside
Awaken your spirit, feel alive
Fall or Dive x 4

And the wind would share a tale
Of how it sailed
Out to sea
Screaming won't you just let me be
Tenderly x4

Buried treasure at the beach
Half eaten peach
Lying on the sand
Scattered trash you're raping the land
Understand x4

A sudden gust picks up your hut
Escape your rut
And to help you fly
You were never afraid to die
Uncommon Cry x4

You said you saved the best for last
Talkin' bout your past
In the bluffs
The first time you felt in love
Sky of doves x4

I stare and shake my head
For what you said
Was so absurd
Burning every single word
Never heard x4